SEO is all about making your website, search engine friendly

In the era of digital marketing it is quintessential to understand the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how it can boost the marketing of a particular firm.

Let us understand what is meant by search engine optimization? To explain it in simple terms, for any kind of business, having a website is a prerequisite to let the prospective customers know about one’s particular product or services. Thus, website is a platform through which the seller or the service provider can explain about the product in details and what are his/her offerings.

Given an increasing number of people using the internet platform, the website mode is a stupendous way of marketing your product. However, the main challenge or the hurdle faced in web marketing is that the prospective customers may never come to know about your website in spite of its existence. To elucidate this point: In this world of search engines (for e.g. Google, AOL, Yahoo etc.), the prospective customers simply inputs the word in the search engine bar and navigates through the websites which pop up during this search activity. There is a laundry list of websites which is produced by the search engine and the most relevant and popular websites are the ones which form a part of the initial listings. In most cases, the websites that are most frequently visited are the ones that feature on the top. Due to this, there are very bleak chances of your newly created website being featured among the top searches.

Why do you think your website does not pop up among the search items in the initial pages of the search engine portal? Well, the answer is very simple. The problem is that your website has not been constructed/coded in a manner that helps the search engine to detect it as a relevant website as per the query on the search bar of the search engine. This implies that your website is “not” search engine friendly and is not able to signal much about its existence to the search engine.

It is here that the SEO strategy helps your business to be a differentiator among other firms’ website and making it more “search engine friendly”. In the SEO strategy, the code or the programing language of the website is changed in way such that it improves the visibility of the website.  Some key words are put into the program code of your website such that the search engines such as Google and yahoo are able to list your website as a relevant search item. Take an example to understand this: If your website offers an online grocery shopping but it does not get listed or flagged in the initial pages of the search engine portal then it is because the website construct lacks some keywords or ad-on words.

Towards the objective of listing your website among the top searches through the search engines, SEO involves writing an algorithm or a code. This involves studying in detail about the various parameters that would facilitate the search engine to detect your webpage such as—different words that the people would input to search for your product; target audience and their preferences. Based on the research, the SEO writer formulates an appropriate code for optimizing the website. This would involve editing the existing content of the website and the HTML coding such that the website is easily detected by the search engines based on specific keywords.

Thus, applying the SEO technique enables the search engines to list your website in an appropriate category and helps the website get the target audience. Now-a-days, the approach of adopting SEO tactics is being incorporated into website development and design.

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