How to Justify Purchase Decision and Reduce Client Remorse?

We have learnt not to question brand premiums! But does the brand’s voice match the product and service offerings? Many products and services fail to build experiences and fail to deliver on brand promise.

For example, host of Google services such as Google Reader, Orkut, Google Schemer, iGoogle, Google Health, Google Apps for Team and many more died a natural death. The reason was innovation reigns king. Services and products which lack innovation fail to carve out their place in the market and eventually fade away. It is innovation which steers the success and survival.

Ever wonder what does it takes to stand alone in the middle of the market and shout out loud – Hello, I’m here to sell something – are you interested to buy? That’s the attitude which the products and services need to have. The brand, product and services need to be designed in tandem.

In my entrepreneur journey, I notice something which is undoubtedly true. Being in the field of advertising and digital world, I constantly feel there’s no end in delivering superior services to clients. In this particular industry there is always hush push and one need to be their toes to crack the deal and most important is to deliver exceptional after sales support.

You need to constantly come up with unique innovative ideas and integrate it with the brand, product and services. A holistic experience needs to be created by companies.

The crux is, a Brand is the voice; Product is an experience, service a relationship. Entrepreneurs need to knit these well to ensure that their business is stable and a cash cow.

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